Banking Law

The VanFleet Law Firm has experience with both local central Illinois banks and multi-national financial institutions and has a firm grasp of banking law and procedure.

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Commercial Litigation

No commercial litigation case is too big or complex for us. We know how to provide effective legal counsel in the document-intensive arena of commercial litigation.

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General Business Law

The VanFleet Law Firm represents a wide variety of small- and medium-sized businesses throughout central Illinois, advising on a wide range of legal and business issues.

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Peoria Legal Blawg

From Seattle To Missouri: No Coffee In This Frappuccino!


This month, Seattle-based coffee giant Starbucks was beaten down in a public battle of wits with a local neighborhood bar owner in a small town in Missouri. Apparently, a formal lengthy cease-and-desist letter full of confusing legalese was delivered to the bar owner by high-priced lawyers from the national intellectual property firm of Honigman Miller Schwartz & Cohn. According to reports, the letter accused the tavern of willfully violating Starbucks' "frappuccino" brand name. It seems the bar had given one of its less popular droughts the same name, and Starbucks didn't like it. The bar owner's response went viral after the owner drafted a brief sarcastic response that included a $6.00 check as a refund for the profit he made from the beer's limited sales. The bar owner was not represented by counsel at the time he sent the letter.


The Enforcement Of Judgments – The Final Stage That Cannot Be Taken For Granted


Clients often experience anxiety at the end of a lawsuit when facing the task of actually collecting from the opposing party after obtaining a favorable judgment. It is unlikely that any concrete knowledge has been obtained prior to this point regarding whether the defendant has any money, property, or other liquid assets easily accessible to satisfy the judgment. During the typical underlying litigation process, questions about net worth and the location of assets are often deemed irrelevant and objectionable by the Court.