When meeting with a client to discuss incorporating, I make it a practice to ask about their plans for brand management. Many clients appear surprised to be asked this question, and respond that they haven't given the idea of brand management much thought.

In short, effective brand management allows a small business owner to protect their name and logo, focus advertising and marketing around their brand, and increase the value of their company.

First, business owners should take every effort to secure trademark rights to their company's name. Business owners should also consider adopting a logo in addition to the company name, and applying for federal protection over the company logo. Obtaining federal trademark protection allows business owners to grow and expand their brand without the fear of infringing upon another company's mark.

Business owners also need to be aware of the benefits and importance of federal copyright protection. Many business owners are experts in their field, and have written books, manuals, or training guides to help grow their business and increase their name recognition. Business owners should apply for federal copyright protection over their written works to ensure that they cannot be copied by their competition.

After obtaining federal trademarks and/or copyrights, business owners should review their current marketing and advertising campaigns to ensure that their federally protected name and logo prominently appear on all company advertising. By including the company name and logo in marketing campaigns, consumers will eventually begin associating the company logo with the business, even without the inclusion of the company name. This provides business owners who have adopted company logos with more marketing opportunities than business owners who must rely solely on the company name in their advertising.

Having an effective brand management strategy is an often overlooked key to success for small business owners. By obtaining federally protected rights to a company's name and logo, and by taking advantage of those rights in a focused marketing campaign, a small business owner could see a tremendous increase in the value of their company.

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