O Precinct Captain, my Precinct Captain! Election Day is done,
The neighborhood is quiet now, the job we sought is won,
The voters near, their voices clear, our friends are now departing;
With rolling eyes and shaking heads, the signs all disappearing;

But O mouth! mouth! mouth!
O the crackling voice can call,
Where on the couch the Precinct Captain lies,
Enjoying an afternoon nap.

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Welcome to our new website & to our legal blawg Poetic Justis! Formerly known as Peoria Legal Blawg, we have re-launched our website to better focus on our new blawg and the artwork of Mr. VanFleet’s children, which will be featured and periodically rotated as the background theme of our entire website. Please join us each month to follow our legal based blawg posts and a special poem written by Mr. VanFleet himself!

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