The following case studies showcase our extensive experience in Commercial Litigation, Banking Law and General Business Law matters. They also represent how we use innovation and experience to help our clients achieve their goals and solve their unique legal challenges. Feel free to contact us and we can share with you many other successful stories.


During 2014-2015, our firm has been retained as general counsel by over a dozen new community banks, expanding into a 20 county region. We are pleased and proud that our firm’s knowledge, experiences and resources have permitted us to expand our footprint in Illinois, and we intend to continue to utilize our innovation and philosophies to cost-efficiently assist lenders throughout Illinois.


The original roots of our law firm were grounded in the ability to cost-effectively, and successfully lead clients through the intimidating quagmire of complex litigation.  We have never strayed from our commitment in this area. During 2014 and 2015 the two largest law firms in the United States brought complex federal lawsuits involving Fortune 500 companies to our local jurisdiction. Both firms recognized the need for assistance from an experienced and sophisticated local law firm to assist their clients. After extensive diligence and interviews, we are proud to have been selected as local counsel in both matters.


In 2012, several prominent engineers in Central Illinois sought to leave the relative comfort of their national and international companies and form their own regional firm to focus on better service for their clients. Coming from a "mega-firm" environment, their first inclination was to retain large law firms to help organize their business and assist with their legal needs. Unhappy with the services and corresponding costs associated with them, the company approached our firm to seek the benefits of lean six sigma and legal project management. Since that time and ongoing through today, we have forged a mutually beneficial partnership in which our firm has handled all of the client's business, transactional, and litigation needs.


In 2013, our firm was approached by a local community bank embroiled in a dispute over a participation agreement with a much larger lending institution. After experiencing problems getting paid under the agreement, this client investigated our firm and learned about our investment in technological resources and ability to cost-effectively battle larger national law firms. Not only were we retained and successfully assisted the bank with this specific dispute, but we have since been retained as primary counsel in all legal matters for this client.


In 2013, we were retained by a national contractor who now serves as one of the largest residential and commercial contractors in Central Illinois, to resolve disputes the client was experiencing with local subcontractors and developers. After successfully and cost effectively representing this client in those specific matters, we were retained to become the client's general counsel for all of its Illinois operations.


More recently, one of the largest residential refurbishing companies in the nation opened a location in Central Illinois in 2012. They sought our assistance in executing their Franchise Agreement and developing their corporate contracts and policies. We also helped negotiate and draft their corporate lease agreement. The company was impressed enough with our productivity, innovation and cost effectiveness that they have notified us that they now intend to use our firm exclusively in this region.


In 2008, we were approved by one of Central Illinois' most successful local community banks to serve as its general counsel in all legal matters. This high-profile lender had struggled for years to find experienced counsel who could cost-effectively administer all of its legal and regulatory needs. We are proud that of our partnership with this client, and after a thorough investigation into its operations and culture, we have been able to utilize our own experience and innovative techniques to develop a long-term strategy to cost-effectively address all of the bank's legal needs. We have now earned the privilege of serving as this bank's general counsel for over seven years and counting!


A national supply and logistics company was one of our firm's first major clients after we were founded in 1998. Over time, we have not only provided business legal services to the corporation, but also developed a plan in which we provide cost-effective legal services to its ESOP employee-owners. Our relationship with this company has evolved and undergone modifications through the years, and we continue to provide their legal services today. We have successfully partnered with this company, grown with it, and evolved with its legal needs. Our relationship with this company may very well represent our firm's most successful alternative billing arrangement, involving flat-rate, task-based, and hybrid billing systems. Still today, this relationship is the transparent model we seek to achieve with all of our clients!


In 2004, a major national lender sought new legal counsel in Central Illinois to assist in a matter involving a real estate developer who had become insolvent and abandoned nearly 100 parcels of real estate mortgaged by the lender. The bank sought a firm that could lead it through the legal and regulatory nightmare involved in this liquidation. At that time, this was one of the largest real estate liquidations ever to occur in this region. We successfully developed and implemented a strategy for the bank, and after completing the project became their primary counsel in Central Illinois.


During our firm’s early years, we were contacted by a large Fortune 500 national retailer that needed cost-effective representation after being sued in Madison County, Ill., in a high-stakes product liability case. Knowing that Madison County is a notorious plaintiff’s haven infamous for billion dollar verdicts, the retailer was gravely concerned. Working with the General Counsel, we were awarded a clear and concisive victory on our initial dispositive Motion to Dismiss, a type of victory that is virtually unheard of in Madison County. Afterward, the General Counsel was impressed enough to assign our firm all litigation for this retailer in Central and Southern Illinois. Although this company has been acquired and restructured several times, and the General Counsel who originally hired us has moved on to another corporation, we still work with this retailer today.


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