Since every litigation scenario is different, we have developed a variety of fee structures for our clients. These can be discussed and negotiated in order to meet the individual needs of each client.

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State-of-the-art Technology

At the VanFleet Law Offices, we utilize the latest technologies and strive to be a paperless office for the benefit of our clients as well as our environment. We combine in-house resources with web-based products to assist our overall goals of client transparency, collaboration, reducing costs and increasing productivity. We also take advantage of the lower costs of cloud-computing, but only where it does not compromise the confidential or proprietary information of our clients. The protection of privileged and confidential information remains a sacred principle in our firm. Nevertheless, we intend to remain an industry leader at the forefront of utilizing technology to facilitate increased productivity, client collaboration, and ultimately greater value being delivered to our clients.

Transparent Fees and Invoicing

While we still offer hourly billing rates for those clients who prefer more traditional methods, we are converting to a pure transparent billing system that omits all conclusory billing and “block billing” invoices in favor of line-item entries calculating precise time spent on all specific tasks down to tenth (.1) of an hour.

Of course, we also offer numerous alternatives to the hourly rate system to better utilize our unique legal project management approach to address the concerns of our clients who want to see their law firms demonstrate greater value and higher productivity, and also those who want to see their attorneys share the risk of loss on a given file.

buildingInnovative Facility

Many lawyers today call themselves innovative by reducing their overhead to zero and practicing law exclusively from a mobile laptop. We agree that costs and processes must be lean and efficient, but we also believe that sophisticated client problems can require the commitment of significant resources and an intense focus on the matter at hand. As a result, we acquired an abandoned bank building and reconditioned the facility into a state-of-the-art haven for lawyers who understand evolution takes place in the legal industry.


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